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The McGill AI Society is a student run organization at McGill University. Situated in the heart of Montreal, a city striving to become a world class leader in artificial intelligence, we aim be a hub that unifies all those involved in this community.
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We hold bi-weekly tutorials that cover different aspects of AI from computer vision to natural language processing and everything in between.


With student, researchers, and industry professionals all within the same community, knowledge is constantly being shared through tech talks, research presentations, and our ongoing blog.


Our members are constantly creating new things whether it'd be working on a project at our annual hackathon or mining through datasets given by our sponsors.

Upcoming Timeline

  • Workshop #1 - Intro to ML September 13
    Perfect for beginners, our workshop leads will be giving an introduction to machine learning with a hands on tutorial. Click here for more details.
  • ImplementAI September 29, 30
    Join us for our annual hackathon where AI researchers, companies, and students will come together to explore the implementation of the latest research in AI. Click here for more details.
  • Google Research Talk October 18
    Join us as we invite Google AI Researchers to come and present their work followed by a networking session
  • Workshop #3 - ML Algorithms I October 25
    First of 2 part workshop that introduces the fundamental algorithms used in ML
  • Research Talk #1 - TBA TBD
  • Company Crawl November 15
    Join us as we hop around different company offices and network with AI companies in the Montreal area!
  • Workshop #4 - ML Algorithms II November 20
    Continuing from Workshop #3

Our Team

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John Wu


John is a fourth year Computer Engineering Student. He also enjoys short walks on the beach and is the master of programming puns.

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David Tao


David is a second year Honors Computer Science student. His interests currently reside in reinforcement learning for text-based problems. He’s also really really old.

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Meg Kairiss

VP Internal

Megan is a fourth-year software engineering and linguistics student. Her primary academic interest is in natural language processing. She hopes to one day help different industries apply AI to improve business solutions.

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Hisham Hawara

VP External

Hisham is a second-year software engineering student. He is interested in computer vision and pattern recognition.

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Ketan Rampurkar

VP Finance

Ketan is a 3rd year Software Eng student with an interest in combining finance and tech to make some mind-boggling software projects.

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Jenny Long

VP Events

Jenny is a U3 Computer Science and Physics student. She is passionate about physics and newly developed interest in computer related topics. She wants to apply an interdisciplinary approach to further understand AI and quantum computing.

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Aanika Rahman

VP Communications

Aanika is a 2nd Year Math and Computer Science student. She is interested in AI and Machine Learning, Data Science, Front-end Development and Actuarial Science.

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Nabil Chowdhury

VP Technology

Nabil is a fourth year Software Engineering student. He enjoys solving algorithms and backend development. But sometimes you will hear him say "border-radius" and "margin"

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Tiffany Wang

Design Lead

Tiffany is a fourth year Electrical Engineering student. As much as she appreciates Comp Vision applications and front-end development, one can say Tiff is a BEvERage enthusiast.

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Daoud Piracha

Design Lead

Daoud is a second year Math and Computer Science Student. His interests include human dynamics, behavioural science and affective AI.

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Frank Ye

Workshop Lead

Frank is a fourth year electrical engineering student. Apart from interests in computer vision and AI, he unhealthily enjoys Tetris, anime trap remixes and late-night walks with friends.

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Isaac Chan

Workshop Lead

Isaac is a fifth year electrical engineering student. He is interested in understanding the mechanics of deep reinforcement learning in the context of few-shot learning and HRL

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Claudia Leung

Editorial Lead

Claudia is a third year Psychology and Political Science student with broad academic interests in speech and language pathology, neuropsychology, and natural language processing. Between essay writing and the occasional hackathon, Claudia works on her wannabe coding skills, and enjoys exploring Montreal's vibrant café scene.

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Josh Durso-Finley

Graduate Rep

Joshua is a first year Masters student. He is interested in applying AI and Computer Vision techniques in medical applications.

Our Sponsors

All club operations are funded by our generous sponsors. Without them, we would not be able to do what we do. If you are interested in partnering with our club, please don't hesitate to reach out.

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