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How it started

To fill the lack of introductory AI courses for undergraduate students, the McGill AI Society designed an intensive, ten-week course with the sole intention of equipping 30 young, talented undergraduates with the skills required to land an AI position in industry.

How it works

The MAIS 202 bootcamp is an accelerated survey course which aims to teach lower-year undergraduates the fundamentals of machine learning. In addition to weekly lectures and assignments, participants worked towards an individual or team final project which was presented at the McGill AI Project Fair.


MAIS 202 provides students with both theoretical and hands-on skills required for ML research and industry. Our dedicated team of academic lecturers and technical project managers offer real-time mentorship and feedback, as well as opportunities to network with fellow ML enthusiasts!


I am a U0/U1 student interested in taking MAIS 202. What pre-requisites do I need?

  • Introductory Linear Algebra (MATH 133)
  • Calculus I (MATH 139-140/150)
  • Basic Programming (COMP 202/204/208, ECSE 202)
  • Optional but helpful: Multivariate Calculus (MATH 151/222/262), more advanced linear algebra (MATH 223/236/251/271), probability/stats (MATH 323/356, ECSE 205/305)

If you have not taken some of the aforementioned courses, don’t worry! What matters more is a positive attitude to learning and a passion for math, computer science, and AI demonstrated in your application.

What is the time commitment like for MAIS 202?

MAIS 202 participants will be expected to attend one two-hour lecture every week for eight weeks, complete four assignments, and fulfill bi-weekly project deliverables pertaining to their final project. For more details regarding assignments and project deliverables, see our 2021/2022 Syllabus. The time commitment for the course can range from four to eight hours a week (~2-3 credit McGill course), depending on your familiarity with the material.

What is the selection process like?

All applicants are required to complete a coding tutorial and fill out an application form, both of which will be provided on our Facebook page. Shortlisted applicants will then be invited to an interview with the academic lecturers and technical project managers. The applications for our Fall 2021 cohort will open at the end of August.

Can I enroll in MAIS 202 if I am not a McGill Student?

Unfortunately, MAIS 202 will be reserved for McGill students only. Our workshops, research talks, and some other events (check specific Facebook event pages for more details!) are open to the public.

Will I receive credit for MAIS 202?

Students who complete MAIS 202 will have the bootcamp appear on their Co-curricular record.

I’m a third year student. Can I still enroll in MAIS 202?

As long as you have not taken COMP 424, COMP 551, or any other advanced courses related to AI, yes!

Are there any fees associated with MAIS 202?

Not at all! The course is completely free of charge :)